Benefits of Eating Raw Foods

HERBVEGANMEALI’ve been eating a raw vegan diet for years now and only continue to grow in my heath and happiness.  The Raw Food Lifestyle literally changed my life. I had numerous things wrong with my health before I started eating this way.

I’m going to talk about the many benefits you can receive from eating a raw vegan diet, it’s not only good for your physical health and body, but very good for the planet as well.

When you embark on your spiritual awakening journey you will find that certain foods don’t resonate any longer with physical body, mind, emotions, or soul. You will start to feel drawn to healthier foods, foods that vibrate at a higher frequency.

If you listen to your body it will tell you which foods to eat and will draw you into higher states of being. You will let go of density as you merge with the higher frequency energies.

You will feel more in tune with nature, with your environment, and have more compassion for the animals.

There are many myths associated with eating a primarily plant based diet. Some of them are lack of protein or calcium, but these are untrue. Fruits and vegetables have an abundance of protein, calcium, vitamins, mineral, and nutrients. In fact, if you do not eat enough fruits and vegetables you will be lacking in these and you will eventually end up unhealthy.

Most of the animals in the wold are vegan and they do just fine and are vibrant and healthy never needing anything else. We are evolving as a species and must now start eating foods that are more in alignment with what we are becoming.

Some of the wonderful benefits that you receive when eating a raw food diet are:

Clear Skin- Your skin will glow once you start eating more fruits and vegetables because your body will become cleaner.

Abundant Energy- You will feel very light and have enormous energy and will find you can exercise more and get things done easily.

Balanced Emotions- Your emotions will balance as you cleanse your body and things that used to bother you will not any longer.

Clarity of Thought- Your thinking becomes sharp and you get better at listening to your intuition and other spiritual guidance.

Ideal Weight- You will get to your ideal weight and stay there you can eat as much as you want and stay fit and healthy.

Reduced Risk of Disease- Since your body will be fully cleansed you will be at a much lower risk of things like heart disease and cancer. You will also be getting all of your vitamins and minerals so you will be nourishing your body.

Look Years Younger than Your Age- The raw food diet often times makes people look years younger than their age because all their systems are balanced and working in harmony.

Heals the Planet- Eating Raw Vegan protects the soil,  which has been lost due to livestock agriculture. It conserves water, it takes 200 times more water to raise livestock than plant foods. Growing plant foods conserves energy it takes 8 times more fossil fuel energy to produce animal protein.  Helps end world hunger there are people starving in the world and 70 percent of all grain is used to feed livestock.

Become More Compassionate- Being loving to animals may not inspire you to go raw, but after you do for health reasons you will see clearly that if you can live and be your very best on plant foods why would you choose to take an animals life just to eat. It just makes sense and is one of the main reasons so many people are going vegan now.

These are only some of the benefits but there are many more. If you cannot go completely raw right now, it would be a good idea to just start introducing more fruits and vegetables into your diet and add more as you progress.

You will have a short time where you will detox and not feel so well as your body lets go of anything that wasn’t in alignment with your greatest health.