Raw Food Lifestyle

Raw Food ImageThe Raw Food Lifestyle is one of the easiest ways for you to experience immense health and wellness in your life. This can be a journey that takes quite a long time to master, but you will see wonderful results if you begin to incorporate some of these lifestyle changes into your life now. Taking the best care of your physical body is an important component to making sure your spiritual awakening goes as smoothly as possible. When you treat your body well and feed it nourishing foods, every other area of your life transforms as well, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Since the physical realm is one that we have the most immediate access to it will benefit you to make your health the greatest that it can possibly be.

Raw Journey Ebook

Order my eBook  A Raw Food Journey to help you through the process of creating a healthy lifestyle. This eBook walks you through 7 days of extreme self care and includes 21 delicious recipes that I am sure you will love. It is a good idea to try everything for yourself to see how you feel so taking 7 days out of your life to try it will benefit you greatly.

This eBook also includes helpful tips for everything you need to know about the raw food lifestyle. In the back there is a glossary which includes the health benefits of every ingredient used in the recipes. You will find out how many more nutrients you are gaining and assimilating by eating these healthy and nutritious foods.

No other species living on the Earth cooks their food and it is one of the main reasons that there is not the same rise in health issues and disease. Many of the biggest and strongest animals are raw vegans and they are healthy and do not show signs of aging.  It is wise to learn from nature and follow its lead. When you awaken you will learn to follow your own inner knowing rather than that which society has told you is true. Try it for yourself, you will see dramatic and lasting healthy changes in your life.

Now I will list some of the important things you should know when thinking about incorporating a raw food lifestyle.

  • Benefits of Eating Raw-There are numerous benefits that you will experience when  eating a raw food diet.  Some of these include tons of  energy, looking younger, maintain your ideal body weight, and less disease and illness. Eating a raw food diet is in alignment with a spiritual awakening path because when you are feeding yourself nutrient dense foods the whole process is much easier to handle. You are feeding your body light as you are becoming light so it just makes sense. Eating a Raw Vegan diet is also good for the Earth and animals. The systems that are set up here currently medical, pharmaceutical, and the food industries must be transformed there is no need to harm ourselves or other beings anymore.  As you evolve in to your highest expression of self you will be adding to the light on this planet.
  • Raw Recipes- There are so many raw food recipes available nowadays. Anything that you can make cooked can probably be made into a raw version. You will notice that the raw way of making something is much tastier and you will become a better chef while experimenting with these new recipes. Create a recipe book and include all of your favorites so that they will be easily accessible when you need them.
  • Exercise and Yoga- Setting up a consistent exercise routine will help you to feel balanced and energized. Figure out what method works best for you and do this everyday consistently. If you feel that you don’t have the energy to do it, you will find you will actually gain energy once your routine is completed. Walking, running, and swimming are all great ways to get exercise everyday.  Practicing yoga a few times a week will increase your stability and posture allowing for the spiritual energies to harmonize better with your body.
  • Supplies and Equipment-There are supplies and equipment that you will need if you are wanting to begin a raw food lifestyle. You can purchase any of these items from ones that I have tried and used HERE. Click on the link on the left hand side that is titled Raw Food Supplies and you will find everything you need there. Once you have these basic supplies you will be all set up to eat raw everyday.

  • Raw Organic Beauty- What you put onto your skin is absorbed by the body. If you keep things simple with your beauty routine along with a healthy raw food diet you will notice your beauty increase. There are many organic raw skin care recipes that you can make. Most of them are simple and will make your skin feel nourished and radiant.
  • Raw Food Resources- There are so many resources out there on the internet for getting information and support. As more people experience the benefits that raw foods have to offer the wealth of information expands.


If you would like more information about the Raw Food Lifestyle you can:

Schedule a Holistic Diet Session– This session will help you find the perfect diet for you taking in to account where you are at currently. Everybody is different and requires special dietary needs that are specific to their particular circumstance.

Schedule a Spiritual Guidance Session– This session will help you to understand what you are going through and will get you on the right path towards your purpose and mission.

Schedule a Distance Energetic Healing Session– This session will enable you to balance and harmonize your chakras so you will feel more empowered and harmonious.  You may also have cords that need to be removed that are connected to other people who are draining your energy.

Schedule a DNA Activation– This session will reset your DNA back to it’s intended state and will allow your body to heal things from the past that may be causing you a delay in reaching your highest potential.

Schedule an Intuitive Guidance Session– This session is done through email so you may ask two specific questions that you are wanting to receive guidance about. This is a good choice for someone just wanting general guidance without connecting through the phone or Skype.

Schedule a Complete Life Transformation Package– If you are looking to transform your entire life right now and step into the fullness of yourself and your mission. You will save $325 purchasing this package.

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