Dimming Your Light for the Holidays

Light OrbsThe title is supposed to be funny, but makes a lot of sense when you think about what people who are on a spiritual path do when they decide to attend family gatherings around the holidays. Now this may not always be the case, but in many instances it is.

I was reminded of this yet again during this Thanksgiving when I decided I was strong enough energetically to attend my family’s Annual Thanksgiving Celebration.

During my Dark Night of the Soul I didn’t attend any holiday gatherings because I knew that my energy level being as vulnerable as it was would be easy prey for unaware people. I might add that I say unaware people to mean they are not yet walking on the same path and are still acting from their lower state. So you might say that they don’t mean to drain your energy, but whatever the case it happens.

So being that I have really grounded my spiritual energy within my physical body these past couple of years and having had minimal and short interactions with my birth family, I thought I was safe from being brought down this time.

I am aware of energy and how it works. The highest energy always wins so I thought between the kids and I we had this one covered, but I was wrong yet again.

I would go into the whole dramatic story, but it does seem to be the case that every time I stick my hand in that fire I end up being the target for my family’s emotional reactivity. Because there were more of them and I just seem to trigger them beyond belief, I was the one who ended up feeling the weight of the dysfunctional energies on my shoulders.

I am not one to stand by without letting them know what the truth is and that didn’t help the situation much either. Needless to say, this will be my last and final holiday with my family.

It’s kind of funny that it takes so many times to learn one lesson. I thought it would be different this time because after all they have healed since I have began my journey, but ever so slightly. I go believing that they will want to heal and will want the information that I am trying to transmit to them through my energy. Unfortunately that is not what happens ever.

So I write this post in hopes that you are not going to dim your light this holiday season. Shine brighter than all the stars in the sky! If that means that you have to have a quieter more relaxing holiday, so be it. It is up to us to keep ourselves happy and healthy always. As long as we are doing what is best for us then that energy will add to light quotient of the planet. That is more loving in my view than to have to disempower ourselves and dim our light to fit in with the family. You come first and from that state of knowing the whole world will eventually transform.

Everyday is a holiday and should be treated as such, love yourself and the soul family that loves you too. Let’s create new traditions that expand beyond the norm. Sending you all eternal light and love always!