Cultivating Awareness

FlowerCultivating Awareness

Awareness is something that must be cultivated in order for you to live a happy and healthy life.

It is the first step you need to make any kind of change.

Becoming aware of your daily thoughts, actions, and words will give you the insight you need to make sweeping changes in your life.

Most people go through their day with little to no awareness of how they are showing up for themselves and the world.

It’s important that you do not allow your habit patterns to control your life and make it challenging to step into your greatest self.

Once you start to practice being aware of your thoughts, feelings, habits, and actions you may be a bit down because often times you will see how your not living in alignment with who you truly are. Most times it takes a spiritual experience to  gain this kind of clarity.

If you get startled with all the awareness coming in, relax and breathe. I will give you some helpful tips on how you can move through this with ease and not get overwhelmed by all the things you see need to be elevated.

You are capable of becoming the greatest version of you that you can be!

You don’t have to waste anymore time doing things your family or society has done. You can think and feel for yourself exactly what is right for you and your life.  Anything is infinitely possible.

So here are some of my methods for bringing awareness into your life and how you can slowly change things to be more in alignment with your soul’s essence.

  • Make a list of the areas of your life:  health, work, relationships, emotional state, spiritual awareness.  Once you have your list decide which area you would like to start working on today. I usually choose the one that I am having the most trouble with.
  • Decide on a small daily action: After you choose the area you would like to work on choose a small daily action that you will do every single day to improve that area. It can be a small action that only takes 10-20 minutes per day. If you decide to work on your health then perhaps you want to practice yoga for 20 minutes per day. Whatever it is that you choose make sure you are committed and do not stop no matter what, make it your priority over everything else. People often give up because they do not see results from their daily action for a couple of months, dont let that happen to you. Make this action something you intend to do and expand for the rest of your life. It is through this method that you change your life.  Over time it will become automatic.

  • Meditate: To bring more awareness to anything in your life meditation is crucial. Even if you choose to do this one thing it will greatly improve everything you do on all levels. Feeling centered, aware, and balanced will help you function better throughout your entire day. You will begin to see your life with great clarity and will be aware of the changes you want to make in your life.
  • In 3 months choose a new action: After three months when the previous habit has been established, choose another area you want to work on and implement another daily action that is simple but effective. The reason you should choose to do small things over long periods of time is so you have the ability to establish these actions into your lifestyle.
  • Be consistent: Consistency is key to maintaining this process throughout your life. Make sure that you choose wisely and make a commitment to do this one thing above all other things. Can you imagine, you will have established 4 new life affirming habits in one year, 8 in two years, and 12 in three years! By then your life will be filled with habits that are all geared toward your greatest potential. This is how you change your life in the simplest and most effective way.

Remember that people do not become who they are by big quantum leaps, but by implementing small changes over a period of time.

Bring awareness to your life and begin today to make your life the best it can be!