Inspired Action

Inspired actionTaking inspired action is essential  in creating your dream life. It is the key to manifesting your ideal into physical reality. The reason its called inspired action is because it isn’t just regular action. You are reaching a vision or ideal that is very close to your heart. That is how it becomes inspired because of the emotional energy that backs every action step you take. You can create your vision so you have a better sense of how to move forward while at the same time feeling inspired.

Inspired action can be challenging for some people because as you grow and become a new version of yourself  your habitual patterns and routines will have to change as well. This can feel very uncomfortable at first because you will feel like you want to continue in what seems familiar to you. You will have to continuously  step beyond your comfort zone. When you reach up to become something greater you are actually pushing up through an invisible energetic barrier. Once in that new awareness you begin to feel a bit uncomfortable and come back down into your comfortable energy for a little while.

This can happen many times before your new higher state takes precedence and then becomes your comfortable norm. When you do come back down for a little while you will gain awareness of how it just doesn’t feel right for you anymore to be in that state.

For example, when you change your diet and you begin incorporating many new healthy foods, you feel wonderful with increased energy. Then your old thoughts and patterns take hold again because that is the ingrained habit and you start eating poorly. The increased awareness of how you feel when eating the unhealthy foods helps you to begin eating healthy again much more quickly because you can actually feel the difference and have something to compare it to.

Being able to move forward with inspired action takes practice and patience. When you are in alignment with your soul’s mission and purpose this become much easier because then you are moving in alignment with your soul and destiny.

Here are some good ways to stay in alignment and to live in Inspired Action on a daily basis.

Create Your Vision– When you create your vision it gives you the fuel you will need to bring energy and passion to your every day actions. Read your vision to yourself everyday morning, noon, and evening so that you can embed it in your subconscious mind keeping you on track.

Stay Present in the Now Moment– Every now moment is an opportunity to give your very best so stay present and aware that you are moving in alignment with your purpose. If uncomfortable feelings arise, notice them and then keep moving forward with your task. Do not allow thoughts of the past and future overcome your now moment inspired action.

Be in Alignment with your Mission–  Being in alignment with your mission will help you to know what it is you truly want in life, for you to understand who you are, and what you are doing here. Without this you can take action, but it will be empty void of the energy of your soul.

Nurture Yourself- Make sure you are getting proper rest, exercise, and eating healthy and nutritious foods. You will not feel energetically able to move forward with inspiration if you do not take care of your physical body.

Let Go-Taking  inspired action becomes much easier when you are moving towards something that makes you feel happy. If there are things in your life that you are still hanging onto that no longer serve you make a decision to begin finding ways to clear them out of your life. This could be people, places, or things.

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