Prepare Your Home

Feng Shui Image BedroomCreating the life of your dreams has many components. One of those is preparing your living space to reflect who you are becoming. Since you already wrote your ideal vision you know what it is you want to bring into your life and what you are becoming. Your living space and office space should reflect these changes. You may not be able to move right into everything that you are wanting right this minute, but you are going to prepare the soil and get ready to plant your seeds which you will then take care of nurture until they grow into their fullness.

There are many ways that you can create a sanctuary and an inviting space with little to no money and just working with what you have. This page will go into detail about how you can do that and how to make your home inviting and feel more energetically aligned with who you are now.

Clear Your Clutter- Let everything go that you have not used in the last 6 months. This is holding space in your energetic field and will keep bogging you down. If the space is being filled, nothing new can enter. Since your vibration is changing so will all of your material belongings. If you don’t need it, get rid of it. The feeling of freedom you get by doing this one thing will lift you up to great heights.

Feng Shui Your Space- People who work with energy often utilize the gifts that Feng Shui bring. It is a way of arranging things in your home to allow the Chi or energy to circulate throughout the space harmoniously. With Feng Shui you would place items in certain areas so that more prosperity comes your way in regards to those things. You will first need a compass to map out where each area is located and then arrange things accordingly. I will give you an idea of how this works.

North Area- Career and Life Path, Water Element, Colors Blue and Black.

Northwest- Helpful People, Blessings, and Travel, Metal Element, Colors White and Gray.

Northeast- Spiritual Growth and Self Cultivation, Earth Element, Colors Beige and Earthy.

South- Fame and Reputation, Fire Element, Colors Red, Orange, Purple, and Pink.

Southwest- Love and Marriage, Earth Element, Colors Beige and Earthy.

Southeast- Money and Abundance, Wood Element, Colors Brown and Green.

West- Creativity and Children, Metal Element, Colors White and Gray.

East- Health and Family, Wood Element, Colors Brown and Green.

After you do your compass reading place things in these spaces that reflect these areas. For example if you are trying to really cultivate your spiritual growth place your mediation cushion in this area if possible and mediate there. Put a picture that represents something spiritual, an artifact from the Earth like a crystal, and make sure the colors you use are Earth tones. This doesn’t have to be exact, but try to stick to this as much as possible. If there is something red that you have and it makes you feel excited about spirituality then use that, but stay within the guidelines as much as you can.

The main point of Feng Shui is the circulation of energy so after you get rid of anything blocking your prosperity in life then place your furniture in a way that allows for the most circulation of Chi, Life Force Energy.

There is so much more about Feng Shui for you to discover, but learn the basics first and then study it more in depth if it interests you. Almost all successful people use Feng Shui and it really works.

Add Value- From here on out only purchase things for your sanctuary that add value to your life. Never needlessly spend on things while in an emotional state, be wise with your money and energy. When you are moving into a higher state of consciousness you have to be very aware of things adding more value instead of draining you of your space, time, and energy. Sit with things before you just spend money, make sure you are really in tune with your highest self so that you don’t make incorrect choices. Many things that you need to create a sanctuary you already have and by letting go of things you will open the space for the Universe to fill. The Universe will bring you what you need in Magical ways be open to receiving. You don’t have to have the latest item that everyone else has, that creates lack and is a drain on your energy. Discover what has true meaning for you and will not end up at Goodwill the next time you have to declutter.

I am wishing everyone great success with creating a space that is uniquely yours and makes you feel comforted and happy! If you need any further guidance with anything I have talked about on this page reach out to me I am here to help you through your journey!

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