How to Manifest

moon-478982_1280Becoming skilled at manifesting  requires many different techniques.

You may have had success with one or two of these, but if you can get good at  all of them you will begin manifesting some of your longest held wishes.

We all know that we live in a world that can actually reflect back to us all that we are wanting. So why then is it difficult for us to actually manifest our most deeply held desires? These are the most important techniques that I have found to help you to become a powerful creator and manifestor of your dreams.


The first thing that has the most importance is beliefs. If your beliefs are not in alignment with what you are expecting to happen then you will fail in bringing your outer reality into alignment with your heart felt desires. Your beliefs are in communication with your subconscious mind. By changing your beliefs you change your reality. Beliefs are not as simple to change as you may think. Positive affirmations and miracle thinking will not do it entirely. I wrote a great blog post in regards to this subject and I would advise you read that if you would like to understand the power of beliefs and expectations.

Creative Visualization

The next thing that can really help you to manifest your greatest desires in Creative Visualization.  The key with manifesting is trying to get into your subconscious mind where your long standing beliefs are held and shift those into higher vibrational beliefs. Practicing visualization several times per day is a great way to speed up the realization of your vision. You must hold a picture of your most wanted outcome and feel the reality of it for it to become manifest in your physical reality. Your brain cannot tell if you are actually experiencing something or just imagining it.

The problem is you may have received a vision of what you would like to be, do, or have and then your old self rejects it because your main way of being is so conditioned that it is easier for you to stay in that place. Creative Visualization helps correcting that.


Putting yourself in a calm and relaxed state is necessary for you to bring in new ways of being. If you are stressed, upset, or have many unwanted negative thoughts floating around in your mind, you will not be in a state of receiving. You can ask all you want, but opening to the receiving of it is the challenge.  Practicing meditation regularly will help you to reach this state of receiving. You will feel open and perfectly content with where you are in the now moment.


Being grateful for what you have already created is one of the most important aspects of manifesting your desires. Look around at what you already do well, there are many things. Celebrate these accomplishments and put yourself into a better feeling mood. This gratitude will attract better things to you with time. Like I said previously, it isn’t the best idea to think about what you don’t have right now and try to make yourself feel better about it because your true beliefs will prevent it anyway. Use gratitude with those things that you are already doing well and those wonderful things that are already in your life.

Nurture Yourself

Keeping yourself in the best possible health and happiness is so important with manifesting. If you are tired, hate what you are doing, or are unhealthy change that! What good will it be to manifest your desires if you are not feeling good anyway? Put yourself in a state of true happiness, that is why you are trying to manifest anyway. The thing you have the most control over is yourself and how you feel in every moment, if you cannot mentally get there, then physically do things that make you feel better. Healthy meals, exercise, sleep, massage, or reading an inspirational book are all good examples of things you can physically do to feel better.

Stay calm, relax, be grateful, keep your vision in mind, and feel great! Everything you are wanting is waiting for you to allow it in.

If you need guidance on how you can manifest your desires you can schedule a session with me.