Creative Visualization

WP HEARTCreative Visualization is a powerful tool that will help you manifest your dreams very quickly into reality.

I have used this exact technique and I will tell you it does work if you do this step by step consistently in the way described.

As you move through life with inspired action you can also utilize creative visualization to help move you towards your vision more quickly.

This technique can be used for anything big or small. If there is something that you really want more than anything you can have it, you just have to impress your subconscious mind with your ideal and it will be so.

The reason many people have trouble with this technique is because there is something they are wanting very badly and so they think about it often and at the same time they look around and notice it is not there.

The feeling of lack from not having what you want actually keeps your vision from happening because the energy of not having it is more prominent than actually having it.

To prevent this from happening creative visualization can be used to effectively by pass the conscious mind and implant the subconscious mind with what you are wanting. There is a certain way to do this and it must be done every day the more you do it the better. You can do it several times per day if you wish.

The reason you have to reach the subconscious mind is because that is where all your deep seated beliefs are stored. You can act happy and positive all you want, but unless you weed out the over riding beliefs within the subconscious mind it will do no good at all.

So here are the exact steps on how you can use creative visualization to bring your dreams to you more quickly than you have ever thought possible.

1. Be very clear about what you are wanting. The more specific the better. Write it down on paper and read this every day three times per day, morning, noon, and night.

2. Go into deep meditation. This technique works best if you are already good at relaxing and meditation. The way to access the subconscious mind is by getting your brain frequency into alpha state. That is how you can reprogram the brain and get past old conditioning. Do your creative visualization first thing in the morning and right before bed.

3. While in meditation see in your mind you having, doing, or being what you are wanting. See it in vivid detail. Try to place yourself within your body acting as if you are doing or having these things.

4. Conjure up emotions like being joyful, excited, or very happy to be living in this reality. Spend as much time in this state as possible. The more time you spend here the better. The feelings that you feel are very important they act as a magnet drawing your dreams straight to you.

5. Let go of all attachment to what you are seeking and live as if you are already that NOW. In a sense you are it, that is why you even have this vision in the first place. Keep reading your vision throughout the day until you can go into meditation again.

You can have anything you want. There are no limits. All that is required is for you practice and follow these simple guidelines, it really is that simple.

The key to manifesting anything in life is embodying and being it in the now moment. If you have a vision it is because somewhere in your energy it is already real. Time doesn’t exist that is why when you are creatively visualizing you are living it now and your brain doesn’t know the difference.

If you would like more information on any of these techniques schedule a Spiritual Guidance Session with me.