Create Your Vision

Create Your VisionWhat is your greatest vision? What does your heart tell you to move towards? What would it take for you to create the life of your dreams? Sometimes you may not listen to your heart, instead allowing the mind to take over and try to tell you how it isn’t possible or tangible right now. We see through a very limited lens, the mind only thinks in the realm of working with what is right in front of it at that time.

When you open your heart and believe in a power greater in yourself and in the Universe, infinite possibilities open up around you. If you have been given a grand vision it is because it most definitely is possible.

You have the responsibilities of doing the daily action steps that your logical mind can think of to do, but the other 90% of this is allowing the Universe take care of the seeming impossibilities. All you have to do is release the doubts and limiting beliefs and allow the current of this divine energy to carry you to your dreams.

So now you may be asking, how is this done? How do I actually create all that I am wanting and move more fully into my vision? I will give you the steps now.

1. Write or type out exactly what your heart is calling you to become. Be very detailed and take your mind out of it for  a second, don’t allow your logic to get in the way because remember the mind is looking at what it has already created and so is thinking in terms of the past. This is about opening to receive gifts that you don’t have control of. It’s about trusting. If you were able to conjure up this dream it means it is in the realm of possible outcomes for you. Many people get in the way of themselves with their habits, thoughts, and beliefs. Let all that go as you write down your vision and go as far with it as you can.

2. Keep your vision in a special place and read it often until it gets permanently ingrained in your subconscious mind. The best times to read it is in the morning and evening. That is when your mind is going into deeper levels and will shut down your most repetitive thoughts.

3. Right after you read your vision go into a 30 minute to one hour meditation and see yourself living your vision. Your brain cannot tell if you are imagining or actually really living your vision. If you have trouble doing this it is because you have inner beliefs and fears about yourself that are sabotaging your happiness. Let go of the mind and fantasize, pretend, do this until you feel completely energized and happy about what you are envisioning. Do this diligently make it a priority and commit to it with 100% of everything that you have. If you really want it, then it will come and quickly if you follow these guidelines.

4. During your regular day, keep your vision planted firmly in your mind. Do not let anything distract you from the awareness of your vision, feel good about it, feel like it has already happened and be overjoyed with it’s appearance in your life. Even if the outside doesn’t reflect that now, pretend that it does. Watch for signs and synchronicities about what you should do next. Remember this is 10% your action, and 90% your belief in it actually happening. Meaning you just have to have faith and feel happy and do 10% of the action steps required and you will step into your vision.

5. Take a good look at your daily habits. Begin transforming them one by one. Only choose one at a time and work with it for a total of 40 days until your new behavior becomes a habit, then pick something new. Only choose new habits that are in alignment with your vision, if you are unsure then tune into your heart and intuition and ask for guidance.

6. Be grateful that your vision has arrived, if that is difficult to do then be grateful for the opportunity to even be given the chance to create your vision on Earth now. Be grateful whenever you can because the Universe will shower gifts upon you when you are happy with what already is. If you are not happy with your current life then what you are wanting will not make you happy either. Gratitude is a magnet that draws everything good into your experience. Keep a journal and write in it every morning and evening  10 things you are grateful for.

7. Through using these above steps you will transform your reality and become your highest vision.  Embody the energy of it now and then slowly but surely the Universe will align you to it. You don’t need to control it, cling to it, or be impatient. In your deepest knowing it is a reality and being so happy and grateful that it is true, you align with it. It is Universal law that it must manifest.

If you follow these guidelines to the tee you will manifest your highest vision, to the extent to which you practice this will determine how quickly you manifest it. You have complete power over your life and you can have ANYTHING you are wanting.

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