Coconut Oil Facial Massage

Coconut Oil Facial Massage

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Do you want beautiful, radiant, and glowing skin? Just add Coconut Oil and Facial Massage to your daily beauty routine.

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Benefits of Regular Facial Massage:

* Increased Skin Circulation
*Relief of Sinus Congestion
*Promotes Healthy Glowing Young Looking Skin
*Minimizes and Prevents fine lines and wrinkles

Benefits of Coconut Oil:

* Nourishing and Moisturizing to the skin
* Full of Vitamins and Minerals
* High in Anti-Oxidants which means Anti-Aging
* Treats Acne by Fighting Bacteria
* Eliminates Dead Skin Cells on Surface of Skin

How to do a Coconut Oil Skin Massage:

1. Cleanse Skin using an all-natural cleanser
2. Take a small amount of Coconut Oil and emulsify in between fingers, spread onto skin
3. Start the Facial Massage:

*Forehead-Using the index and middle fingers press firmly on the indentation by the inner eye moving in 6 circles outwards towards the temples. Repeat 3 times.

*Cheeks-Using the index and middle fingers press firmly and massage each of three areas in circular motions: Chin to Earlobe, Corner of Lip to Middle Ear, and Nostril area to Temple, do this sequence three times.

*Mouth-Using the index fingers start in the middle of the chin and press outward and up and gently glide across upper lip. Repeat 3 times.

*Eyes-Using Index and Middle fingers move fingers around the eye area three times, hold in the acupressure point located in the indentation under the beginning of the eyebrow. Repeat 3 times.

*Neck-Using the ends of all the finger tips start from the left side of neck and gently press in an upwards motion, go across in a sweeping motion 12 times. Repeat sequence 3 times.

*Chin-Place chin in between the index and middle finger and glide hand gently from one ear lobe to the other. Repeat 3 times.

*Ears-Hold earlobes between the thumb and index fingers using small circular motions move up the ear and then glide the fingers back down. Repeat 3 times.