Channeling and Speaking with Higher Dimensional Beings

Channeling and Speaking with Higher Dimensional Beings

Speaking with Higher Dimensional Beings

While going through a Spiritual Awakening you are more sensitive to everything and you start to see, feel, and hear things you haven’t before.

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You may also feel all alone when your Awakening begins and you may need some support. Since no one around you will understand there may be beings that will help guide you along so that you will feel like you have a better idea of what is happening.

While I was going through the most intense part of my Awakening there were a few different beings that would speak to me. They were intelligent beings who knew about my Mission and what I was supposed to do. They would give me information about my purpose and this was comforting for me because the Kundalini energy was way too intense and everything seemed very confusing at that time. One being in particular told me that I was a Healer and a Teacher. I know it may sound silly, but he told me I had rainbow energy that flowed from my finger tips. When I would tell people about what this being was telling me they thought I was completely insane. There was another being that I allowed to channel through me to heal someone and teach me energy work and Reiki, which I didn’t know at the time. This was right around the time when the Light Orbs would wake me up in the middle of the night and swirl around me and my heart chakra would explode open with so much love for the whole world.

Since my experiences with these beings I have become very grounded in my own energy. I feel like they helped to guide me through some of the most difficult times of my adult life. They wanted to teach me that everything they knew, I also knew and they taught me to rely on myself and to seek my own counsel. I no longer have any need to communicate with other beings. I have within me everything that I should ever need and I know that now.

Beings from other dimensions will not come and talk with you unless you give them permission. If you feel like there are beings around you that are uninvited then tell them to leave and they must respect your wishes. Obviously darker energies will be attracted to fear, depression, unhappiness, and confusion. Try in every way that you can to take care of yourself and to be loving to yourself and others. If you have good intentions and wish the best for the world then you should never worry about anything harming you because you are always protected.