Change Your Words- Change Your Life

Change Your Words- Change Your LIfeChange Your Words- Change Your Life

Your words are commands that the Universe will make solid in your physical reality. This happens because the words you speak on a regular basis have a strong impact on your thoughts which triggers corresponding feelings.

Even though your strong feelings are actually what creates what you see around you, the feelings can be changed through becoming aware of what you say out loud to yourself and others.

The fastest way to change your reality is to only speak about those things that you want to see show up in your life.

If you make statements that are negative in any way then the Universe, being so loving and creative, will bring you what you are asking for whether it is positive or negative.

Most people do not understand that the music they listen to, the gossip they hear, the news on television has such a powerful effect on their lives. It seems so ordinary to put yourself in situations where you are flooded with negative content. Why? Because as of now and in the past our planet has been primarily in a negative vibration.

We are changing that now, by transforming how we act and live.

You must keep yourself in a state of purity, of only allowing those things you want to happen in your life become real. If you find yourself talking about your so called problems all the time, then it’s time to change that because all that does is bring more of it into your life.

Start speaking as the person you want to become. If there are things around you that you do not approve of then do not say so. Only use words that affirm your good and well-being.

Begin to notice and look for the blessings all the time and do not dwell on your current situation. The situation as you now know it has only become real because  in the past you have stated with your words that things are difficult, challenging, or not to your liking.

You may be thinking, but what if I am in a really bad situation and it’s so real? What if things have gotten to the point where the Universe is bringing everything to you that have spoken up until this point? Well if this is the case, start with changing how you speak.

Never complain to people about what you are experiencing . Those are old ways of speaking and being. Instead start to talk as if you already have what you are wanting. If there are people in your life currently that love to talk about doom and gloom, then you must make a choice. You must stand up for yourself and your life and decide that you can no longer participate in that.

Here are some ways you can begin changing your words, which will change your thoughts, which will change your feelings, which will change your reality as if by magic!!

  • Make a commitment that you will change how you speak.
  • Become aware of what you are saying to yourself and others, write them down.
  • As you bring awareness to what you are saying every day you will see how your reality is a PERFECT match to the words you use day in and day out.
  • After you complete a list of statements that you are used to saying every day, beside each statement write what you would like to create instead.
  • Start to practice saying these new statements whenever you can. Say them out loud, say them to others. If the people around you wish to talk about reality in a negative way, do not participate at all.

Remember these things that you are learning will never actually work until you put them into real life practice so you should make a choice now to take responsibility for your words and if you do this one thing you will see how much better you feel and how many wonderful things start happening in your life.

May You Be Blessed with Magical Surprises Everyday!!