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Harmful Effects of Caffeine and Withdrawal Symptoms

CaffeineHarmful Effects of Caffeine and Withdrawal Symptoms

There hasn’t been a long period of time when caffeine hasn’t a part of my life.

About 90% of adult Americans consume some form of caffeine on a daily basis. That is an alarming statistic due to the fact that caffeine has many harmful effects on the mind, body, and spirit.

I have used it quite regularly to get me through times where I felt tired, or had to keep going when I wanted to rest instead. I never attributed my up and down moods to caffeine consumption, but after everything else was factored out all that remained for me was caffeine.

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Miracles and Rainbows

Miracles and RainbowsThis past month and a half or so has been life changing for me. After opening up to the world about my childhood story the end result has been life changing. I can surely say that the path of discovery on which I was lead was sometimes confusing and extremely hard to balance as I looked within myself and saw the outer results play out fantastically.

I have been on a path of awakening since 2005, for ten years have been seeing how I was disconnected from my true nature as a Goddess. I didn’t even know what a Goddess was and there isn’t very much true information out there if you were looking for the answers outside yourself.

The Goddess lives in every man and woman. The Goddess energy is what the world is coming back to. I will explain that whole concept in future posts and videos, but for now, just know that I found it. What I had been searching for all this long while.

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Dimming Your Light for the Holidays

Light OrbsThe title is supposed to be funny, but makes a lot of sense when you think about what people who are on a spiritual path do when they decide to attend family gatherings around the holidays. Now this may not always be the case, but in many instances it is.

I was reminded of this yet again during this Thanksgiving when I decided I was strong enough energetically to attend my family’s Annual Thanksgiving Celebration.

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