Becoming Physically Healthy

Becoming Physically Healthy

Becoming Healthy

Health Is Our Greatest Wealth, and for good reason. We need to be our best physically, emotionally, and spiritually so we can live our divine mission to it’s fullest potential. We also want to shine our light and be the best role model we can be for others. 

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If you can follow some simple guidelines you will feel the wonderful life giving effects these practices have on your body. These changes require discipline but after 21 days anything becomes a habit, so give it that long and see how great you feel! 

Here are three ways you can improve your overall health and feel great physically, emotionally, and spiritually. 

Getting at least 20 minutes of exercise daily is a must. Movement is very good for our bodies and keeps us flexible, in a good mood, at our ideal weight, and cleanses the lymphatic system. Exercises that get the heart pumping are great to do on a regular basis. Some ideas are running/jogging, hiking, bicycling, and swimming. It is also a good idea to stretch the muscles regularly through yoga. Yoga will help with your flexibility, posture, and joint mobility. I like to switch days and go running on one day and do yoga the next for the most benefit. Once you make exercise a daily routine, you can start going for longer amounts of time. 

When it comes to doing something physical for your spirituality, meditation is the very best thing. When you practice everyday you will notice huge improvements in your mental clarity. Meditation helps you to become more calm and peaceful, allowing you to integrate higher spiritual knowledge effortlessly. It will enable your mind to see things from a higher perspective and will help your body to heal and boost immunity. To get the best results practice mediation in the morning and evening 10-20 minutes per day. As you become more proficient you can mediate for longer periods of time. 

Healthy Diet
Eating a healthy diet is crucial to feeling good everyday. No matter where you are at with your diet, it can always be improved. I am currently on a Raw Vegan Diet and have been for a few years. I have never felt better in my life. If you are unable to go on a raw diet that is fine. Every body type is different and will have different nutritional needs. Adding more fresh organic fruits and vegetables to your diet is definitely healthy and a good way to start. Eating one salad per day in the afternoon, or one fruit smoothie for breakfast for 21 days will get you into a new healthy habit that will push you further towards your health goals.