Becoming Clear About Your Mission

Becoming Clear About Your Mission

Becoming Clear About Your Mission

You are here to serve in some way. Serve in a way that is fulfilling and joyous to you and others. Do you know what your calling is? If not then read this so you may gain some more clarity.

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If you have come here with a feeling that you are supposed to help others and the Earth then you have a special mission. Some, however, have a difficult time finding out what that mission actually is. You are here to do something that in turn will be a piece of the greater puzzle that helps humanity out of the darkness that it has been experiencing.

How do you find out what your mission is? In the beginning of a Spiritual Awakening you may feel like you have a special purpose, but do not know exactly what it is. Along this path you will get small clues as to what the bigger picture is. Whenever you catch a glimpse about what your mission is about then write it down in a journal. Things will become clearer as you move further into your awakening process. One day you will know exactly what it is you are supposed to do and then you will be able to try things that are aimed in the direction of your mission. 

The reason that your mission and purpose come slowly is so that you will not be overwhelmed with things. You may be at a point in the process now where you are supposed to be healing so you do not want the attention diverted from that task. You are supposed to be completely focused on you so in the future when you are fulfilling your mission you are able to do it in a healthy and balanced way.

What if you get the insight that you are supposed to be a healer? What are some of the things you could start doing to move in that direction?  First of all you could look for classes or workshops in your area that are teaching about topics that you are interested in. If you want to be an herbalist and heal others with magical herbs than you could find an herbal school and start attending classes.  If you do not have the ability to physically go to a class then read a book about the subject, take an online class, or watch all the YouTube videos you can find on the subject. Once you find out the direction you would like to move in just keep asking for guidance and when you are ready the answers will come. There are unlimited possibilities when it comes to thinking of ideas on how you can begin living your mission. Even if you are only in the beginning and still working in a regular job you may be able to start doing your mission work on the side or at you current job. I used to work with women in the beauty field, but I found I was able to help counsel and teach women at the same time I would give them a facial massage or applying their make-up. This is where my mission actually began, but I didn’t know it at the time. 

All the things you have learned and gathered along the way in life up until this point have all been for a purpose. You have gained valuable skills and qualities that are going to be utilized when the time is right.

Finding out what your mission is really begins in childhood. What activities did you love to do? The things that come naturally to you are things you are supposed to be doing. 
You may have more than one thing that you are really passionate about, and in this case it is beneficial to start with one thing first. At a later date you may find that all of your skills will fit together and can be utilized as a whole. I have found for myself that when I focus on one thing at a time, it is easier for me to get really good at that and then add the next thing. 

No matter what, the answers will come. It can be hard to be patient, but your Higher Self knows the plan and you must wait until the time is right for things to fall into place.