Become Magnetic and Learn How to Pull Energy

Become Magnetic and Learn How to Pull Energy

Pull Energy

Becoming a magnetic person is something you can learn. This method will help you to draw into your life those things that you have been wishing for. Naturally magnetic people draw to them things, people, and situations that help them to advance and make their lives easier.

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When you are calm you draw to you things that you want. Being in a calm state, knowing what you want, and being confident are the ways to draw energy towards you.

Everyone is a magnetic being. You have the ability to pull energy towards you. Instead of pushing outward with your energy (Yang) you can pull energy towards you (Yin). When there is a balance between action and attraction you begin to easily draw things towards yourself. This doesn’t mean daydream all day, but complete your actions in a centered, focused, and peaceful manner.

Having frantic, hyper, or stressed out energy will repel your dreams and bring unwanted things into your experience because we draw to us what we are radiating. If you are feeling down or unbalanced then figure out a way to get yourself balanced again. Take a bath, eat a healthy meal, take a walk, talk with a friend, get a massage, any of these things place you in a calm, peaceful and receptive state of mind. This will then allow you to become magnetic and radiate your true inner power which in turn draws to you all the things you are wanting.

There are some basic things to note when learning how to pull energy:

1. Become crystal clear about your intent, know exactly what it is you are pulling towards you. Choose something small and attainable first and then move to something larger once you become more proficient.

2. Commit to your intent fully until you get it, do not change your mind and go back and forth. You have plenty of time to receive all the things you would like just do them consecutively.

3. Be in a calm state as much as possible, when you are calm you are receptive to drawing your intent to you. Do things that make you calm so you will be clear, focused, and relaxed.

4. Radiate confidence and believe in yourself, the steps previously mentioned will help for you to do this.

5.  Be consistent and practice visualizing. Draw the energy of your intent towards you, see it actually happening in your mind’s eye. By practicing this technique daily you will become quite good at this and have an easier time pulling things towards you.