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Change Your Words- Change Your Life

Change Your Words- Change Your LIfeChange Your Words- Change Your Life

Your words are commands that the Universe will make solid in your physical reality. This happens because the words you speak on a regular basis have a strong impact on your thoughts which triggers corresponding feelings.

Even though your strong feelings are actually what creates what you see around you, the feelings can be changed through becoming aware of what you say out loud to yourself and others.

The fastest way to change your reality is to only speak about those things that you want to see show up in your life.

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Cultivating Awareness

FlowerCultivating Awareness

Awareness is something that must be cultivated in order for you to live a happy and healthy life.

It is the first step you need to make any kind of change.

Becoming aware of your daily thoughts, actions, and words will give you the insight you need to make sweeping changes in your life.

Most people go through their day with little to no awareness of how they are showing up for themselves and the world.

It’s important that you do not allow your habit patterns to control your life and make it challenging to step into your greatest self.

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Making Choices that Bring You Greater Long Term Happiness

Making Choices that Bring You Greater Long Term Happiness


Your entire life is made up of many small choices you make on a daily basis. This is the sum total of your life. Your day to day routine is what your life becomes with time.

What do you do every day? Are there things you would change or like to get better at? If so, it will require patience and persistence.

The small choices you make every day become your habits. Your habits are extremely important if you want to make your life the happiest it can be.

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Magic-Just Be It

Magic- Just Be ITWhat is your greatest wish, dream, or desire? Think of it now and feel the feelings of joy it brings you. This is the feeling of joy you should feel all day until your third dimensional reality starts to resemble your greatest dream.

You already are what you wish to become. One of my favorite quotes is from Pasqual.

“You would not have sought me had you not already found me.”

This quote states that your ability to even dream what you want means it is already real in the spiritual realm and now your only job is to remain happy and full of gratitude until it appears in your outer reality.

Your soul, your inner knowing is very aware of what is needed to push you forward on your path. Your heart knows what you desire even if your logical mind is telling you that it cannot be done.

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Harmful Effects of Caffeine and Withdrawal Symptoms

CaffeineHarmful Effects of Caffeine and Withdrawal Symptoms

There hasn’t been a long period of time when caffeine hasn’t a part of my life.

About 90% of adult Americans consume some form of caffeine on a daily basis. That is an alarming statistic due to the fact that caffeine has many harmful effects on the mind, body, and spirit.

I have used it quite regularly to get me through times where I felt tired, or had to keep going when I wanted to rest instead. I never attributed my up and down moods to caffeine consumption, but after everything else was factored out all that remained for me was caffeine.

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Miracles and Rainbows

Miracles and RainbowsThis past month and a half or so has been life changing for me. After opening up to the world about my childhood story the end result has been life changing. I can surely say that the path of discovery on which I was lead was sometimes confusing and extremely hard to balance as I looked within myself and saw the outer results play out fantastically.

I have been on a path of awakening since 2005, for ten years have been seeing how I was disconnected from my true nature as a Goddess. I didn’t even know what a Goddess was and there isn’t very much true information out there if you were looking for the answers outside yourself.

The Goddess lives in every man and woman. The Goddess energy is what the world is coming back to. I will explain that whole concept in future posts and videos, but for now, just know that I found it. What I had been searching for all this long while.

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Rebuild Your Life Force Energy

Yin YangRebuild Your Life Force Energy

Some people think that life force energy cannot be restored, but as times change and new evolutionary discoveries are made, we are finding out that the body can almost completely restore itself to a place of pristine and amazing health.

The only thing that people have a difficult time changing is their habits. These can be physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. If you begin making slow changes to your health and well-being you will change your cellular structure to become the person you have always had the potential to be. You are not stuck because of your genealogy, you can change any predicament that is troubling you now.

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Feeling Good is All that Matters

Feeling Good is All that Matters

autumn-sunshine image

Feeling good is necessary for you to have all that you want in life. It doesn’t matter what you believe or don’t believe, just as long as it makes you feel really good.

I was at the store this afternoon and overheard a woman speaking to one of the grocery attendants. She was saying, “Things are really hard these days.” The grocery attend was nodding and agreeing with every word.

How do you suppose, these words made them both feel? From what it looked like they both had their heads lowered and frowns on their faces. The corresponding feelings they both felt together were ones of hopelessness, if I could describe it in words.

The feeling of hopelessness sends out signals to the Universe to bring about more hopeless situations in order to confirm your current feelings. I didn’t say current beliefs, that doesn’t really matter, it’s the now moment I am speaking of and it is right now that you can choose to feel better.

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Plant Your New Moon Seeds

NewMoonIntentionsToday is a new moon and it’s time to set your new moon intentions!

New energy is created during the time of the new moon. This is the best time to create new intentions and plant the seeds that will eventually come into culmination at the full moon phase.

Some intentions take longer to manifest than others, however, if you are clear on your intent and depending upon which house the new moon falls in your personal chart, you can use this energy to bring miracles into your life.

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Best Raw Vegan Ranch Dip Recipe

Raw Ranch Dip Recipe ImageThis is an easy and healthy raw vegan recipe you can make for lunch.

It tastes even better than real ranch dressing and is full of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.

It can be challenging to begin implementing new eating patterns because old habits are so ingrained, but when you have some options it is easier.

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