Astrology ImageAstrology can be very useful if you learn to feel the energies that are playing out in your life during the time of different transits. It could take many years to understand as you verify for yourself how these planetary shifts effect you on a personal level.  I would like to talk about some of the basic components of astrology here so that you have a better understanding of how all of this works. Once you get the basics and understand these things then you will realize how accurate astrology actually is.

  • The Signs- There are twelve different astrological signs, three in each different elements the elements are earth, water, fire, and air. Earth signs are usually grounded and practical. Water signs are very in tune with their emotional nature. Fire signs are initiative and creative. Air signs are intellectual and detached. Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are the Earth signs. Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are the water signs. Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are the fire signs. Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are the air signs.  These signs can also be classified within a different category. Fixed, Mutable, and Cardinal. Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius are Fixed signs meaning they can take awhile to make big changes in their life and can be stubborn. Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces are Mutable signs meaning they can be adaptable and can easily adapt to their surrounding circumstances.  Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn are all Cardinal signs meaning they like to be in charge.  However do not place too much importance on the person’s Sun sign alone because you must take the whole chart into account to get the full picture.
  • The Houses- There are twelve different houses in the zodiac chart. Each house is ruled by a sign. These houses go in order from the first sign to the last. The first house in astrology  is about the self, personality, the ego, and how you see the outer world. This house is ruled by Aries.  The second house in astrology represents money, resources, talents, and anything of value. This house is ruled by Taurus.  The third house represents communications, short distance travel,  writing, siblings, and lower education. This house is ruled by Gemini. The fourth house represents the home, mother, roots, heritage, and private life. This house is ruled by Cancer. The fifth house represents creativity, children, fun, play, and romance. This house is ruled by Leo. The sixth house represents day to day activities, work, health, and routines. The sixth house is ruled by Virgo. The seventh house represents relationships, marriage, business alliances, and contracts. This house is ruled by Libra. The eighth house represents the money you receive from other people, intimacy, and transformation. This house is ruled by Scorpio. The ninth house represents higher education, long journeys, foreign cultures, and publishing. This house is ruled by Sagittarius. The tenth house represents career, public life, and outer recognition for achievements. This house is ruled by Capricorn. The eleventh house represents friendships, community, hopes, dreams, and wishes. This house is ruled by Aquarius. The twelfth house represents spirituality, going within, and selfless service to humanity. This house is ruled by Pisces.
  • The Planets- All the different planets in the solar system vibrate a specific energy vibration. It will be easy for you to understand what it means if a certain planet is entering a house in your chart once you understand the energy of the planet involved. Mercury rules communications, it is fast moving, and thinking. A word that is used to describe people who are like Mercury is mercurial. Venus is the planet of femininity and rules over relationships wherever you have Venus in your natal chart is how you are in relationship with others. Mars is the planet of driving force it’s fiery and wants to forge ahead and get things done. It also rules over the masculine aspect of relationships in the natal chart. Jupiter is expansive and brings positive good vibrations wherever it goes. Saturn is the disciplinarian  planet. Once you learn the lessons that Saturn is trying to teach you,  you will be rewarded. Uranus is the planet of unexpected surprises and of future oriented ideas. Neptune rules over higher love and illusions things aren’t always what they seem to be with Neptune in the picture. Pluto is a transformational planet that destroys anything that is no longer needed so that it can be moved up to a higher level.

  • Compatibility- Compatibility and synastry have to do with how two charts get along together. In a compatibility reading you can find out how the planets in your natal chart interact with the planets in another person’s natal chart. This offers great insight into how you get along with others and what some of the challenges might be. The reason this can be helpful is so you have understanding about how you may harmonize difficult aspects such as oppositions and squares. You will also see with clarity why you get along well with someone in certain areas such as communication, but not in others. For beginners it is a good thing to note that elements that are harmonious naturally are also harmonious in astrology. If you are a Water sign for instance then you may get along with Earth signs because earth and water grow things. If you are fire you may get along with air because fire makes air rise and gets it moving and air fans the flames of fire. Remember even difficult aspects are good because they teach us where can grow and get us moving out of complacency to achieve higher states of being.
  • Natal Chart-The Natal Chart represents all of the planetary positions that were in the sky at the exact time of your birth. These aspects make up the basic frequency of your personality. In your own personal natal chart you will be able to see where you have strengths and where you may have to work a little harder to achieve balance. If there is an opposition in your natal chart between the sun and the moon then you may fluctuate between the head and the heart or your thinking and your emotions and not know which one to trust. Depending on the houses that the sun and moon occupy in your natal chart will determine where this conflicting pattern occurs. If this is the case then you will have to learn how to harmonize these frequencies and then you may use both your head and heart together. This may sound easy in theory, but can take many years to master and if you are not aware of these astrological placements it could take much longer still. Astrology is used as a tool for self improvement.
  • Transits-As the planets move around the sun they also move into different positions and houses in your chart. When this happens it is good to know where they are at because then you will be better able to utilize the energy that is available to you. It could also be that there is a difficult transit in your chart currently and could be the reason things are happening the way that they are. It would be a good idea to consult an astrologer to find out where the planets are at in your chart and how they are affecting you.

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