Are You A Light Worker?

Are You A Light Worker?

Are you a lightworker

I was asked an interesting question on my YouTube Channel recently. The person asked, “How Do You Know If You Are a Light Worker?” Since I cannot answer this question fully in the comments of my YouTube channel I simply said, “You Just Know.”  I don’t think that was a good enough answer so I decided to write this blog about some ways to know if you are a Light Worker.

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First I want to say that being a Light Worker is a gift and it comes with a great deal of responsibility. Even though it can be difficult at times, embrace it and love yourself!

Light Workers usually come to this Earth feeling as if they do not belong here and that this world is a very harsh and unkind place. They often feel very lonely and they do not fit in very well. Sometimes Light Workers will try to fit in and pretend to like the same “material” things that many other people do, but it doesn’t last for long because they realize they must follow the calling in their heart. Light Workers are here because they volunteered to help the Earth raise its LIGHT frequency at this time.

Light Workers are extremely empathetic and sensitive. They can feel the pain of others like it was their own. This gives them the ability to have compassion and love for all of humanity and allows them to achieve unity consciousness.

Light Workers are quite telepathic and usually get frequencies of energy that run through their bodies.  Light Workers have the ability to balance and clear disruptive energy fields in their surroundings bringing them back to a more calm and peaceful state. They even have the ability to change the energy field in a large area filled with people, like a classroom or a concert. This gift is used in its best capacity when raising the frequency to a High Love Vibration. Light Workers have extremely powerful energy fields and must remain in a calm state so they do not impact others in a negative way.

Light Workers need alone time often to cleanse their energy field and to allow them the peace and calm that helps them recharge. If they do not get this time they may get run down and act out emotionally.

Light Workers are attracted to Metaphysical, Healing, and Spiritual subjects. They know deep within themselves that there are many things that need to be changed on this Earth and will look for alternative ways to achieve this task. They are often urged by their Higher Selves to bring out new ways of doing things in the fields of education, medicine, economic systems, law, and government. They bring in wisdom and heart centered awareness to these institutions, therefore transforming them.

Light Workers are very creative and must have an outlet for this energy through any method they choose. Their work must include aspects of creativity so that they can thrive and be of best service.

Light Workers are guided by a feeling of having a Higher Purpose or Divine Mission. This is through helping the Earth in some way by teaching, healing, counseling, work with the environment, animals, or education. Light Workers will feel so much better when they say yes to their Divine Mission. The Universe will provide for them with all they need if they just trust and follow their Soul’s Guidance.