Aquarius Full Moon Ceremony

Bird and CrystalsI am doing an Aquarius Full Moon Ceremony this evening in honor of my highest growth and potential.

It’s a playful and fun activity that will brighten your spirits and allow for creative, emotional, and spiritual expression.

Full moons have a magnified spiritual energy that can be used to bring something into harmony or for making a powerful intent.

Since this is an Aquarius Full Moon the energy will be more electrifying so use it to add more magic to your intentions!!

You will have greater access to other dimensions along with an abundance of support and assistance to bring your dreams into reality.

Whatever you are experiencing during this time will be felt on a deeper level so it’s a good idea to magnetize only what you are wanting deep within your heart and soul.

Try and let the past go and step courageously into your purpose and mission at this time.

You may have an intention to allow something into your life as permanent. This would be a great time to do anything in which you are making a commitment or statement.

Things have finally come to a completion in some area of your life and now you may experience the harvest of your dedicated work. Or you could be releasing anything still holing you back from the fulfillment of your hopes, dreams, and wishes.

This is a perfect time for surrender and letting go, being born into your new self.

In this ceremony I am using my beautiful twin quartz crystal that I bathed in the Full Moon Light the evening before.

I have found that quartz holds energy well and so I will use it for this ceremony.

What you will need:

  • A Crystal: Place your crystals in the full moon light so they may absorb the powerful energies and hold your intention more potently.
  • Intention: This is something that is purposeful for your life and soul growth. Choose what you will release or what you will commit to. Write this down on a piece of paper and burn it in a bowl during your ceremony, symbolizing letting go.
  • Meaningful items: These can be items that have the energy frequency of the intention you creating. Things like crystals, pictures, or nature items.
  • Candle: Choose a color that works well for your ceremony, white or silver are traditionally used for moon ceremonies.
  • Oils: Burn essential oils that uplift your energy and spirits. My favorite are lemon, rose, and lavender. You can also use sage, sweet grass, or cedar smudge sticks.

Sit quietly in meditation and allow yourself to really feel the power of your intention through your body. Breathe deeply and surrender to the process of life, allow God’s love in to bathe you in all the treasures of heaven. This is what is waiting for everyone and it’s only a matter of realizing our true inner magnificence to bring it into physical manifestation. I love you to the moon and back!