Always Trust Your Inner Knowing

Inner Light ShineYou have a divine inner light that is meant to be shared with the world. This spark within brings you and others joy.

Joy is what the world is moving into and so it is important that you understand what your guidance is telling you so you may move ahead into it NOW.


Your higher self is always trying to speak through you, aiming in the direction of your greatest potential. The key is to listen and move ahead courageously, doing things that may seem a little unfamiliar to the world around you.

It is your inner potential that will shine throughout the Universe as a full expression of the highest love and light. This is the energy we are bringing to the planet as we all evolve.

You must learn to trust in yourself, never doubt the information you are receiving from within. This is your TRUTH and this is what you came here for. If you conform to what everyone else is doing, the world will stay the same.

We need more creative expression, play, and love in our lives and it is through living in alignment with your purpose that this happens.

No one can tell you what your truth is because it is completely unique to you. It is the beautiful tapestry that we all create together as we live in our highest light that makes the Earth a wonderful place to live.

Move ahead doing those things that make you happy and at the same time help to bring love to humanity. Move through the resistance and the fear and coming back always to love. There is never anything other than love!