Activating Your Miracle Consciousness (2)

Activating Your Miracle Consciousness AngelNow that you have the awareness that you would like to open up to more Miracles in your life, you have to clear family patterns, old beliefs and thought forms.

Family patterns are ways of being that you have taken on from your family through your genetics.

You may notice that you have automatically inherited characteristics that are very similar to your parents.

Because your parents raised you with their own patterning already in place these behaviors have been reinforced into your energy body.

As the family patterning is transmuted into love, it may feel like sensations in the body or intense emotions may rise up in you. This means they are becoming more superficial in the body, making their way up to go ahead and release.  Superficial meaning more Yang in energy or outer,  not Yin, which would mean inner or deep.

This shows you that the core wounds you have held within for years are now bubbling up to the surface to leave once and for all.

As you continue walking the spiritual path these patterns will come up often for review, as you bring awareness to them they can clear and transform.

This is a lengthy and very intricate process that can take time, you may experience periods where you feel you have cleared all your family patterns, but you will continue to see as you expand further in your consciousness that there may still be layers to release.

You get to a place of peace within this clearing process where you begin unraveling all dysfunctional and unhealthy ways of being.

When you can look upon it with right thinking and  understanding then you can be kind and loving with yourself and it becomes easier.

Old beliefs and thought forms happen in the mind. This is somewhat different in that it’s not a feeling in the physical and emotional body while releasing family patterning.

Thoughts can be changed as well with similar techniques, but the main things to mention here is to always be aware of how you think about experiences in your life and begin to restructure the way that you think.

Bring awareness and inner light to your thoughts. How would God think about this situation? This takes practice and determination, but can be done.

When you are fully present in your physical body you can feel your emotions  and  can observe your thoughts.

This cannot be done completely unless you are fully grounded, in yourself and in this moment right now.

Tips that will help you:

  • Do something that you enjoy. This could be an art project, talking with a friend, going for a hike in nature, taking a hot bath, reading an inspirational book. When you physically do something you enjoy this directs the energy into something positive, if you feel low in energy then do something very relaxing and gentle for yourself.
  • Tell a different story. If you notice your mind thinking about a situation that has bothered you for awhile, think about it in a new way. Start questioning long held beliefs that may not even apply to you, they could be inherited and need to be transformed. Realize you did nothing wrong, your patterns are not you as you are in your true essence. You are beautiful and loved beyond words.
  • Ground in nature. Nature has many therapeutic effects on the mind, body, and soul. The negative ions are very good for helping to cleanse your energy body. Sit in nature until you feel better.
  • Breathe deeply into the body- Sit still and place your hand on your heart and one hand on your stomach and feel the breath filling up these areas, this will assist in the clearing process and will allow you to become more embodied.
  • Exercise and stretch. Make it a daily habit to exercise for at least 30 minutes per day. This will greatly improve your health and allow the spiritual energies moving through to become more balanced and harmonized with the physical.
  • Stay in a positive and balanced state. It’s important you don’t get caught up in dramas or negative thinking. Allow yourself to be at ease with life and your surroundings no matter what they look like right now, they will change as you advance on your journey.

When you look around you right now in this very moment you realize that all of your payers have been answered already. You are completely taken care of always or you wouldn’t be reading this.

Start to pay attention to the beauty of this world.

Allow illusions such as fear to release from your pure mind now, you are in stillness, in grace, in perfection in this moment, always and forever.

Your Miracle Consciousness can now shine through!