Angel's Pictures

Hello, my name is Angelica.  I have been spiritual since I was born, however wasn’t conscious of it until 2005. When I had a spiritual awakening. This changed my life completely and everything came up for review to be transformed.

For the past 10 years I have been through many ups and downs throughout the course of my awakening journey and have now come to a place where I can help others because I understand on a experiential level, the processes that take place within this dynamic. People are awakening on a very massive scale right now. It is very exciting to witness because I know in my heart we are creating Heaven on Earth.

If you are going through an awakening it has been coded within your DNA. You will awaken when it is your time. The only difficulty with this phenomenon is the intensity of the higher spiritual energy that must balance within your body. While this process is taking place you will have all kinds of strange thoughts, sensations, and heavy emotional pain. Once  you see the big picture, you know that there is a great purpose for all of this and as you let go of your old self, the new can shine through.

This is a path of self love and healing and it continues on as long as you are here on Earth. If you are having a difficult time currently know that it eventually balances out and you will soon be shining you true inner light so that you may better serve humanity in some way.

It is my current mission to help you on this journey and if you need someone to talk to about what you are experiencing you can set up a Spiritual Guidance Session with me. This will help you understand your purpose so you may feel comforted and joyful during all of these big  changes.

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Thank you for stopping by my site, what you are doing now is of great importance and I will do all I can to support you.