Jupiter in Leo-What it Means for Your Sign

Jupiter in Leo

What it Means for Your Sign

Jupiter in Leo Jupiter’s move into Leo on July 17, 2014 is an extraordinarily uplifting aspect. Jupiter changes signs every year. Jupiter will be in Leo until August 12, 2014.

Watch the YouTube video HERE.

I love this picture, it is the Strength card in tarot. This represents Jupiter in Leo. The lion is Leo and the girl is Jupiter having the protection of the infinity symbol above her head, always guiding her. I have Jupiter in Leo in my natal chart so I understand what this energy means for us, it is a very uplifting and happy energy.

Jupiter’s energy is expansive, positive, optimistic, lucky, spontaneous, rules over higher education, philosophy, spirituality, and religion. It is the ruler of Sagittarius.

Leo represents creativity, children, play, romance, and pleasure. Leo is also associated with the heart. Leo is magnetic, charismatic, and open. Everything Leo does is big and Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system.

When you combine the two, sparks will fly! So there will definitely be some grand gestures being made. This is an extremely uplifting vibration that will expand our happiness and helps us to open our hearts to more warmth and love. Jupiter feels at home in the sign of Leo because Leo is a fire sign and Jupiter has the energy of fire.

When Jupiter moves into a new sign, this means that it has changed signs somewhere in your personal chart. This is the house where you will experience many blessings and miracles.

Jupiter in the individual signs:

Aries- Jupiter has moved into your 5th house. This is the house of pleasure and fun. Creativity, children, and romance will all get a huge boost this year. If you are looking to do something creative, have children, or find romance, this is your year. Jupiter will trine your natal sun, giving you an added boost of great energy.

Taurus- Jupiter has moved into your 4th house. The 4th house rules the family, home, and your roots. With Jupiter in this house you will have a beautiful year with your family and will get a boost in energy in healing things from your childhood. This would be a great time to move or buy a house, you will have Jupiter’s light shining on you.

Gemini- Jupiter has moved into your 3rd house. This is the house that Gemini rules. The house of communications and travel. You will have excellent energy to write, speak, and communicate. You will also have blessings regarding your interactions with siblings. With this added boost you will feel right at home and it will accentuate your already wonderful gifts and talents.

Cancer- Jupiter has moved into your 2nd house. This house rules over money, resources, and what you value. This is great for creating more money in your business and for finding things that hold a lot of value for you. It can be money, property, or other resources. Anything that enhances your life in a positive way will be favored with this energy.

Leo- Jupiter has moved into your 1st house. This will expand your self-expression, individuality, and how others see you. You will be creating a whole new cycle for yourself that will be positive and filled with joy. This will be one of the luckiest years for you in 12. This placement is considered to be a very good omen. You will see many magical things happen for you this year. This is definitely your year to shine brightly.

Virgo- Jupiter has moved into your 12th house. This house rules inner healing and spirituality. You will be going within to find the treasures that are waiting to be discovered. Jupiter is a very spiritual planet and will help to guide you through this process with its great wisdom. Meditation, inner healing, and serving others in a bigger way are all favored this year.

Libra- Jupiter has moved into your 11th house. This house rules groups of people and friendships. You will shine when it comes to people of all types. You will make many new friends and get involved with organizations and people that will help your cause, whatever that may be. This house also rules over hopes, dreams, and wishes with Jupiter here you may have a very special wish come true.

Scorpio- Jupiter has moved into your 10th house. This is a fabulous placement to have Jupiter, it rules career and life aspirations. If you have been working hard to advance in your line of work, this will be the magical year when everything will fall into place. You will be recognized by others and will improve your overall social status.

Sagittarius- Jupiter has moved into your 9th house, the house that Sagittarius rules. Higher education, publishing, philosophy, and media are governed by this house. You will be going on a trip of discovering unlocking many new adventures along your way. This is very lucky for you since Jupiter will trine your natal sun. This would be a wonderful time to go back to school or write a book. You will have many blessings especially if you have more than one planet in Sagittarius.

Capricorn- Jupiter has moved into your 8th house. This house rules over deep emotional healing and financial support. What you share with another is also emphasized. Intimacy will improve and you will go through an emotional healing and cleansing. You will come out of this state renewed after allowing so many things to be purged. You will become closer with a partner and merge with them in an emotional or financial way.

Aquarius- Jupiter has moved into your 7th house. This house rules over relationships and marriage. If you are looking to get married this would be the perfect year. You will also have blessings bestowed upon your business partnerships and will have overall better interactions with others. Jupiter does bring light to situations so if you are in a partnership that is not working you will see that clearly now and Jupiter will help you to move on.

Pisces- Jupiter has moved into your 6th house. This house rules over day-to-day activities. How you manage your life, health, and work will have an added boost of energy. This will help you make sure that things are moving in a step-by-step process so that you can accomplish more. You will also be blessed with good employees if you have a business. You will feel motivated and be able to succeed in any new healthy routines that you begin now.