Feeling Good is All that Matters

Feeling Good is All that Matters

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Feeling good is necessary for you to have all that you want in life. It doesn’t matter what you believe or don’t believe, just as long as it makes you feel really good.

I was at the store this afternoon and overheard a woman speaking to one of the grocery attendants. She was saying, “Things are really hard these days.” The grocery attend was nodding and agreeing with every word.

How do you suppose, these words made them both feel? From what it looked like they both had their heads lowered and frowns on their faces. The corresponding feelings they both felt together were ones of hopelessness, if I could describe it in words.

The feeling of hopelessness sends out signals to the Universe to bring about more hopeless situations in order to confirm your current feelings. I didn’t say current beliefs, that doesn’t really matter, it’s the now moment I am speaking of and it is right now that you can choose to feel better.

It is helpful to start speaking words of things being more optimistic even if at first you don’t feel it is true, those words will then go out and bring back things that correspond to your feelings about things.

This may take a little time, especially if you are just starting out by choosing better words or not complaining about your troubles as much because the ultimate indicator of what is created on the outside is how you feel on the inside. Even though it will take time you will begin seeing small signs of improvement and this will have an effect on your mood eventually.

It is not your words or your thoughts that create your reality, but your feelings. That is why some people may appear calm, composed, or even positive on the outside, but on the inside there is an internal battlefield filled with anxiety, angst, and negativity. While this is going on they are creating everything that is in their outer world. Maybe some good things happen for them and this is due to the fact that when they think about certain subjects, in which they have success with, they feel good about them, with relatively no resistance. It is the other subjects though where they are filled with anxiety that create the unwanted scenarios.

When there are certain subjects, maybe things you have been trying to create in your life for a long time now and you think about them often you feel down, you get a sensation inside that is not a good feeling. This is what I mean, you must change how you feel on the inside in regards to these topics, of course one step at a time, day by day and before you know it these things will be working out for you and will be manifest in your outer reality.

Once you get to a point where you are completely free from negative feelings, complaining, gossiping, worrying, and any other form of emotion that make you feel low in vibration, you will have created the life of your dreams.

Sounds easy right? Well it is actually very difficult for people to get to this place, so below I will outline some ways that you can free yourself from this more effectively.

  • Make sure you are feeling good physically, if you are eating healthy, sleeping well, and getting regular exercise this will help to elevate your vibration and your mind which will allow you to think happier thoughts more frequently. You have complete control over this aspect of yourself, even though your negative emotions may make you feel like you don’t want to do it, if this is an issue for you then try another step first.
  • Your thoughts don’t create, your feelings do, and so when you get a thought that doesn’t make you feel good start recognizing it and be aware. Notice how you feel when you think about that particular thing and if there is no way in that moment to feel better about it then feel the feeling deeply and then release it. Give it the time and space it needs, but do not allow it to have a snowball effect and make you feel worse for days, weeks, or months into the future. Release it and ask yourself if you can let it go now and move on. There is no need to dwell on it because negativity is not true, it is not who you are at your core. You create your dreams from your heart where all truth resides so allow the Universe to provide you with all the things you want in life.
  • TRUTH=Good Feelings UNTRUTH=Bad Feelings, you decide what is true and not true, we live in a Universe where absolutely ANYTHING is possible you make up the rules.
  • Take yourself out of situations that may feel draining to you. Give yourself a lot of alone time in which you can be really good to yourself and learn how to love yourself first, fully. Being alone is actually a wonderful gift because it is a time in which you can create without the distraction of what other people are creating for themselves. If you are an empath this could be an issue for you. If so give yourself lots of space, and don’t feel bad about this. Take care of you first.
  • If you feel bad feelings cropping up during the day, then breathe really deeply into your body, this allows you to get back to your center and to refocus on love. Move into your heart and allow yourself to feel OK, knowing you are getting better and better every day.
  • Look for signs that things are changing in your reality, no matter how small or subtle, when you start feeling better day by day you will begin to notice improvements or signs and synchronicities, take note of these, keep them in your journal so when you are having a difficult time you can look back at these things and remember how the Universe loves you and does respond every time accordingly. Awareness is key.
  • The most important thing is never to dwell on a topic for too long that disturbs you, find your inner calm, breathe, release the feeling and move on. If you are consumed by a specific topic do anything you can to not think about it and do something that makes you happy. The more good feelings you can conjure up during this time the better and the problem will resolve itself according to the good feelings you have, even if they are unrelated to the issue you are worried about.

Practice this my friends, it really works. I have tried it and it has worked miracles in my own life. I would like to hear about your experience with these techniques. If you are having a difficult time with this process and would like more guidance you can schedule a skype session with me on my website www.angelstartherapies.com.

Love to you all, may all of your dreams come true!